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For maximum serious excessive-altitude TrekupIndia mountaineers, the first ascent of K2 iciness is the final super feat that has but to be executed. The world’s second tallest height has became returned all attempts on its 8611-meter (28,251-foot) summit, making it the most effective final 8000-meter top that has yet to be climbed in wintry weather.

But this yr, no fewer than four teams are seeking to exchange that. Amongst them are a few extraordinarily skilled and strong climbers. But there are also a growing range of people who’ve no enterprise being at the mountain and threaten to turn the whole affair into a three-ring circus. Worse yet, their loss of enjoy may also cause disaster on a mountain that is already called one of the most deadly within the global.

Teams Arriving in Base Camp
For the beyond numerous years, we’ve visible as a minimum one group in K2 base camp for the winter, and the 2020-2021 season is maintaining that trend going. As of this writing, two teams are already there, with two greater to arrive rapidly.

The first of those squads consists of Icelandic climber John Snorri and Pakistan’s fundamental excessive-altitude climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara. Sadpara’s son Sajid has joined the expedition too, and the trio has been in BC for greater than weeks. So a ways, they’ve enjoyed proper climate—at the least by using K2 wintry weather requirements—which has allowed them to repair ropes to Camp 1.

Base camp were given a little extra crowded a few days back whilst a Nepali group led by using Mingma Gielje, who is greater typically referred to as Mingma G. That squad has been getting settled and preparing for its first rotation up the mountain, while two commercial squads prepare to enter the mixture. Seven Summit Treks is bringing a huge organization to the mountain, whilst famed-Sherpa Nirmal Purja brings a dubious group of his very own.

Igloos k2
Photo Credit: Alex Txikon
A Crowded Mountain
Once all 4 groups have reached base camp, extra than 70 climbers are predicted to be on K2. That’s a far cry from every different iciness season whilst fewer than 10 mountaineers made that journey.

In truth, because of the extreme nature of wintry weather alpinism, most teams most effective encompass or three extremely professional and difficult individuals prepared to move fast and mild even as additionally spending days locked in a tent with nowhere to move. It is a brutally, bloodless, distinctly stressful life.

As ExWeb is quick to point out, fewer than 30 human beings have ever stood atop an 8000-meter peak in wintry weather. Only one of these people—Muhammad Ali Sadpara—is surely on K2 this yr, and only different climbers who’ve ever attempted the mountain within the harshest season all is there this season too.

That way that maximum climbers have little to no wintry weather climbing revel in by any means, but they are attempting the toughest wintry weather climb of them all. This is largely because of Seven Summits bringing a vast commercial group, which includes a large quantity of human beings who have no business being on K2 underneath the best of conditions, not to mention in wintry weather. That includes a totally excessive-profile purchaser who’s looking to in addition his very own carefully-crafted character.

Nims purja wide top
Photo Credit: Nirmal Purja
The Impossible Summit?
According to reviews, one of the climbers who is part of the Seven Summits squad is none other than Colin O’Brady. If that name sounds acquainted, it’s because he is the adventurer who made a call for himself skiing throughout Antarctica in 2018, most effective to have a lot of his claims referred to as into question via greater experienced polar explorers.

The American adventurer accompanied that up with an equally self-serving row throughout the Southern Ocean closing yr, which did little to bolster his recognition. Unsurprisingly, he’s reportedly calling his adventure to K2 “The Impossible Summit,” because the phrase “not possible” has been distinguished in the name of his previous endeavors too.

O’Brady’s presence on the crew will certainly bring a truthful quantity of interest to K2, now not to say a fair amount of scrutiny. Since his Antarctic day trip, there were damning reviews approximately how he cautiously curates the narrative round his exploits to make them seem large than lifestyles.

Make no mistake, O’Brady has achieved some pretty impressive matters, consisting of climbing Everest. But he also stretches the reality or ignores some records to create a bigger-than-life character.

O’Brady isn’t the most effective individual on K2 this winter whose mountain climbing credentials are a chunk suspect. A British woman named Adriana Brownlee is reportedly a part of Nims Purja’s crew, despite the fact that she is handiest 19 years antique. Worse yet, she also doesn’t appear to have a whole lot within the way of a high-altitude climbing revel in both—a dangerous aggregate on K2.

Brownlee is joined via Canadian Marie Pierre Desharnais, who had at the start was hoping to summit Everest, K2, Vinson, Ojos del Salado, and Sidley this year earlier than the pandemic close matters down.

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